Temple Sinai's Mission

Temple Sinai is our sanctuary; a place to study, worship and assemble.  The essence of our synagogue has been to welcome and bring together diverse individuals to learn together and to pray together - to be unified as Jews.  Our size and diversity have become resources that contribute to our strength.  In order to create the caring and sharing TempleFamily and Jewish Community that Temple Sinai is, our professional and lay leadership have collectively recognized their responsibilities, both implicit and explicit, as educators and role models, to reach and teach our Temple membership.  We are always defining, refining, and redefining our short-term goals in light of our larger mission to meet the individual and collective religious, spiritual and emotional needs of the congregation.  

Our obligation is to deepen the body of Jewish knowledge and religious commitment of our members of all ages by fostering the study of Jewish texts and tradition so as to help them make informed responsible choices in developing their Jewish identities.  We also strive to provide support, loving kindness, and concern to our congregants.  In addition, we hope to enrich and increase participation in personal and communal worship and enhance and broaden the Jewish content of each member’s daily life. 

For more than sixty five years Temple Sinai has carried out the vision of its founders; to be a warm and caring Jewish Community dedicated to perpetuating Reform Judaism and meaningful Jewish expression.  At the same time, we are constantly exploring alternative modes of worship to enrich our spiritual and intellectual experiences.  Throughout the years, young and old alike have entered the doors of our Sanctuary to pray together, learn together, and share both happy and sad occasions with their Temple Family.  Our collective social conscience mandates that we participate in the life of our people, our community, our country, Israel and beyond.  Here in Roslyn, we have created a Jewish Community in the true sense of the word - it is our Jewish home away from home.  

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