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Contact Temple Sinai - 516.621.6800  
Phone Extensions     Email Addresses
Rabbi Michael White x106  [email protected]
Rabbi Ilana Schachter x107  [email protected]
Cantor Sergei Schwartz x108  [email protected]
Alison Stamm, Executive Director x105  [email protected]
Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz, Director of Education x111  [email protected]
Lulu Belferder, Director of Youth Engagement x116  [email protected]
Adrianne Rubin, Director of Adult Engagement x114  [email protected]
Kathy Diamond, Marketing & Communications Manager x104  [email protected]
Office/School /Nursery Staff:  
Betty Brandel, Member Services Manager x103  [email protected]
Gayle Friedman, Nursery School Secretary x119  [email protected]
Michael Gamba, Assistant Bookkeeper x115  [email protected]
Jane Hallberg, Office Manager x100  [email protected]
Debra Hollander, Religious School Secretary x109  [email protected]
Linda Neiman, Rabbis' Secretary x101  [email protected]
Arlene Zucker, Controller x102  [email protected]

Temple Sinai General Email: [email protected]
Scribe Email: [email protected]
Temple Sinai Website: WWW.MYSINAI.ORG
Temple Sinai Webmaster: [email protected]
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Temple Sinai's Exclusive Caterer
V & Z Caterers 516.484.4300
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Direct Phone Numbers (Calling Direct Saves You Time)
Nursery School 516.621.8708
Religious School 516.621.8016
Main Office 516.621.6800
Fax 516.625.6020



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