Adult Education with Rabbi White


The Tribes of Israel:

A Shared Homeland for a Divided People


Mondays at 7:00pm: APRIL 24, MAY 15, JUNE 12
Tuesdays at 9:30am:  APRIL 25, MAY 16, JUNE 13


iEngage, the engaging Israel project from the Shalom Hartman Institute, brings together a team of world-leading scholars and public intellectuals who specialize in areas such as Jewish thought, political theory, and international law, and who are leading forces in rethinking the meanings and significance of Zionism and Israel and communicating these ideas to Jews worldwide.

Join us for this fascinating series, where we will watch videos from the Hartman Video Lecture Series and discuss topics including:

The Jewish People as a Tribal Family; The "Orthodox" Jewish Tribes; The "Liberal" Jewish Tribes; The Arab Palestinian Israeli Tribe; The North American Jewish Tribes; Unity and Diversity in the Jewish Tradition; The porous "Wall of Separation" between Church and State: Lessons from the US and Canada; Synagogue and State: The Israeli Experience; Sharing the Public Sphere: New Foundations for a Jewish Democracy; and Tribes and Peoplehood: Reflections on Living in a Tribal Family

Temple Sinai has purchased this video series and we are proud to present this learning opportunity. The registration fee helps to defray the cost of the materials.  The price for the series is:  Members $50, Non members $65.  Please return the form below to the Temple office or click here to register and pay online.  You are welcome to join at any point in the series, but the cost is for the entire series.

The Shalom Hartman Institute is a pluralistic center of research and education deepening and elevating the quality of Jewish life in Israel and around the world. Through their work, they are redefining the conversation about Judaism in modernity, religious pluralism, Israeli democracy, Israel and world Jewry, and the relationship with other faith communities.

All are welcome!






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