Adult Education With Rabbi White - Dilemmas of Faith

Dilemmas of Faith

Rabbi Michael White

Mondays at 7:00pm or Tuesdays at 9:30am


October 9, November 13, December 11, January 8, February 5, March 12, April 9, May 14, June 11


October 10, November 14, December 12, January 9, February 6, March 13, April 10, May 15, June 12


With a rise in religious fundamentalism on the one hand and a rise of atheism on the other, how does Jewish tradition approach radical polarization in modern society? In Dilemmas of Faith, Shalom Hartman Institute (SHI) scholars explore the foundational issue of faith, engaging in broad and deep analysis of some of the many dilemmas that faith in the modern world raises.

Join us for this fascinating series as we watch videos from the Hartman Video Lecture Series and discuss:

· What does it mean to believe? The challenge of the rational and the reasonable.

· Dilemma of biblical theology: What is the redeeming idea of monotheism?

· Dilemma of theodicy: Where is God in the midst of suffering?

· Dilemma of history: God, evil and the book of Job.

· Dilemma of God’s absence: Grappling with God’s departure from history.

· Dilemma of human responsibility: What does it mean to live a life of faith in an age of divine hiddenness?

· Dilemma of spiritual role models: A biblical view of redeeming personalities.

· Dilemma of faith and politics: The role of ambivalence in faith.

· Dilemma of Practice: What is the faith experience?

· Dilemma of conviction: Do I have to believe in God to be a good Jew?

The price for the series is:  Members $36, Non members $50.  Please click here to register - make sure to indicate whether you will be attending Monday eveings or Tuesday mornings.  Or you can print out and mail in the registration form below along with your check.  You are welcome to join at any point in the series, but the cost is for the entire series. All are welcome!

The Shalom Hartman Institute is a pluralistic center of research and education deepening and elevating the quality of Jewish life in Israel and around the world. Through their work, they are redefining the conversation about Judaism in modernity, religious pluralism, Israeli democracy, Israel and world Jewry, and the relationship with other faith communities.





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