Purim Megillah Reading, K-2 Milestone

Purim Megillah Reading

K-2 Milestone
Wednesday, February 28, 6:30pm


Come dressed in your best Purim costume and join us for a fun and interactive Family Purim Megillah Reading Service. “Boo” Haman! Sing, laugh, cheer and eat too many Hamentashen! Purim is the festival which celebrates the courage of Esther and the wisdom of Mordechai, as they overcome Haman’s evil plot to destroy the Jewish community of Persia. Bring pasta in a box or whole grain cereal in a box to use as a “grogger.” Your “groggers” will be donated to a food pantry after Purim. The Megillah Reading is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Moisoff.



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