Speaker: Bob Spiotto, Artwords - The Poetry of Michelangelo

Bob Spiotto: Artwords - The Poetry of Michelangelo

Sunday, January 14 - 2:00-3:30pm


Have you ever wondered what went on in the mind of Michelangelo, one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance? What drove him to create such magnificent paintings and sculptures? Why was he so tortured? Did you know that he wrote more than 300 sonnets, madrigals and poems that explore many universal themes? Michelangelo will “come alive” as interpreted by Bob Spiotto, a talented actor, director and public speaker, who will introduce us to this wonderful artist.  We will learn why he wrote and when he wrote and what subjects he wrote about. Bob will “become” Michelangelo in costume, and with music and pictures, this one-man poetry-in-performance will take you on a moving and poignant journey through the art of his words.

Bob Spiotto is a creative/artistic/management professional/actor/coach etc, etc. He holds a BFA in Theater Performance from Hofstra University and a MFA in Directing from Catholic University. He has worked extensively all over Long Island and currently serves on the Board of the Long Island Arts Council. He has limitless energy, knowledge and passion and brings his talent to every project he creates.

Presented by Sinai Social Sundays.  $5 Congregants, $10 Non Congregants

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