Special Needs Programs


  • Ensure that Jewish Learning is available for children with IEPs and 504s
  • A Special Needs Hebrew teacher is available to meet with students, providing them with individualized instruction at the synagogue or in the students’ home
  • Hands-on, multi-sensory learning environment
  • Will help meet the needs of all of our students

Kadima is generously funded by Susan and Leonard Feinstein and Jill and Jay Bernstein.

For more information, please call or email Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz at (516)621-8016 or [email protected]


Chazak - Embracing Children with Special Needs and Their Families

Chazak is Temple Sinai's outreach program for children ages 6 and up with special needs and their families.  Rosanne (Rosie) Bogard, LMSW, is the Chazak Coordinator. Through this program, families within our congregation and in neighboring communities have the opportunity to provide their children with meaningful Jewish learning. CHAZAK continues to advance the Temple's efforts to include all families and children in the Jewish learning process.  This multi-faceted program includes Shabbat and Jewish holiday programs, a three-hour drop-off program on certain days that schools are closed, and social activities/outings. CHAZAK is led by certified special education teachers and designed to meet the individual and unique needs of each child, as well as those of their families.  Workshops integrate movement, music, art, cooking, technology, yoga and other forms of enrichment into the learning experience with a very small teacher to student ratio.  The Chazak program is free of charge to all.  Members, as well as non-members are welcome.  Call Lauren Lesser, Assistant Director of Education at 516-621-8016 for more information and registration. 

2017 Chazak Program Flyer


Chazak Program for Teens 14 and Up

The new Teen Chazak program is designed to prepare students to become fully-participating members of our community.  Our goal is to provide life skills, education and training in a Jewish setting for students who are 14 years and older.  Our Chazak teens acquire many life skills in their secular school to help them transition from being students to life as independent and productive adults. We continue that education with a Jewish Twist.  Temple Sinai is dedicated to providing our participants with an opportunity to develop their social skills, self-advocacy skills, communication skills, home and career skills, and career and work related skills.  All while having fun!  If you have any questions, please contact Lulu Belferder, Director of Youth Engagement at 516-621-6800.







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