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A quick visit to our Nursery School . . .

Temple Sinai's Nursery School is guided by the philosophy that "play is children's work". In implementing our philosophy, we provide a structured yet relaxed atmosphere in which every child has the opportunity to develop a sense of self and achieve academic success at a developmentally appropriate pace. Our modern facility enhances our fun environment which allows for working individually and in small groups to continually strengthen self-esteem, language development and pre-academic skills.

Our Nursery School is New York State registered (N-K) and has a permit issued by the New York State Department of Social Services to operate as a day care center. We have programs for ages one through five. Our "Twoodler" program offers an opportunity for children born either before or after the "cut-off date" but are ready for a classroom experience. Our after school Enrichment Programs include Computers, Gymnastics, Cooking, Arts, Science, and Sports. We also have a unique Summer Program designed exclusively for young campers. Temple Sinai provides consistency, which is so important in a young child's life; toddlers can remain with us for the summer, and then naturally progress to our Nursery School in September.

The Nursery School Setting is an important early connection to Temple Sinai. The staff's understanding of Judaism helps to reinforce Jewish education. One of our major goals is to help our children feel, to understand, to live and to love Judaism. Through the celebration of Shabbat and the Festivals with song, story and food, and the presence of either a Rabbi or Cantor, the Jewish calendar comes alive. Our "Illustrated Torah", a magnificent piece of artwork, is a weekly way for the children to engage in the Parsha and begin to understand the roots of Judaism.

- Temple Sinai Nursery School classes are located in separate wings of the Temple. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest and most outstanding educational equipment. There is a separate wing for the youngest students with easy access to bathrooms.

- There is an outdoor playground completely fenced with modern equipment. A telephone has been installed in the shed so that teachers can be in immediate contact with the office.

- In inclement weather there is a fully equipped indoor play area.

- Our school policy for outdoor play is that the temp. must be at least 32 degrees F., and the playground must be dry.

- In addition, we use the Sanctuary for weekly Shabbat visits and the fully carpeted Simcha Room for weekly Music and Movement classes.

In an effort to streamline the Temple Sinai Nursery School registration process, a new policy has been adopted that will hopefully ease the burden for all families applying for the limited spaces available in our fine program.


Class Sessions
Due to the ever changing needs of the community, our class sessions change from year to year. Please contact the Nursery School office for current class hours.

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