From the President's Desk

 Temple Sinai President Richard Evans

Dear Temple Sinai Family:

In 1513, Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon travelled to Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth. While he never found it, I can attest to the fact that there must be something in the Floridian waters that keeps people youthful.

Rabbi White, Alison Stamm, Vicki and myself just returned from our annual Florida luncheon, held in Boynton Beach. There were over thirty guests in attendance, of varying ages, but all apparently benefitting from the water.

Our guests were comprised of relocated residents, part-time residents (“snowbirds”) and congregants just visiting for the week. They were all excited to spend time with Rabbi White and enjoy each other’s company. This was my first experience with the Florida group, and I truly enjoyed every minute with them.

In our Mah Tovu prayer, we sing of the value of being Jewish and of how blessed we are to be part of the Jewish community – and the reverence and awe for synagogues and places of worship. Its translation is “How lovely are your sanctuaries, people of Jacob, your prayer houses, descendants of Israel”. Rabbi Rami Shapiro suggests that we take a broad view of what “dwelling places” means now. We live in our homes, but, also in our community and ultimately on planet Earth.

As we think about our Temple Sinai community as a “tent”, we begin to realize how broad our tent’s canopy really is. Our community is not only the greater Roslyn area, but South Florida as well. And, a number of our congregants are living in Manhattan. Our “tent” is so broad that when we live-streamed our past High Holy Day services, we had over 450 people watch at some point. Viewers were tuning in from all over the United States, Europe and Israel.

As we move forward with our strategic planning and growth, we need to keep in mind how much broader our community is than the local Roslyn area.



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